How to take the Carer Friendly program

The Carer Friendly program consists of seven modules.

  • Register and complete each module at your own pace.
  • To unlock and start each module click Start Now.
  • When you have finished reading each page click Complete to go to the next section.
  • When completed you will see a green ✓ against the name of the section.
  • Then spend time to think on each through a set of Reflections.
  • Click Save if you wish to come back to your answer and to finish and register your answer you must click Send.
  • When completed these will also be shown by a green .
  • To successfully finish each module you must click the the Finish Course button on the Downloadable Materials page.
  • If you do not complete every module in one sitting, you will be asked to sign-in each time, but your progress will be recorded, just click Continue.
  • When all modules have been completed successfully we will then send you your Welcome Package and Carer Friendly logo for display in your Neighbourhood House.

For further information or assistance contact us at

Thanks for undertaking to make your Neighbourhood House Carer Friendly.

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About Carers Victoria

Carers Victoria is the peak body representing all unpaid carers in Victoria.

What we do:

  • Offer state-wide education workshops and training for carers and service providers
  • Provide carer-focused programs and events across the state
  • Advocate for carers from all walks of life
  • Work with government, other peak bodies, service providers, and private organisations to breakdown barriers and system complexities
  • Provide carer services for the Western Metropolitan Region